As safety is of the highest priority for guests visiting Waiotapu Thermal Wonderland, we have comprehensive Health and Safety procedures in place, and all walks are on well-maintained pathways designed to maximise safe viewing experiences.

There is no SMOKING allowed within the attraction. A designated smoking area is sign posted at the front entrance of the Visitor Centre.

The Lady Knox Geyser is located 2 minutes drive from the main Visitor Centre. Visitors MUST drive to this location for safety and parking is available in this area which is well sign posted. The Lady Knox Geyser is presented daily at 10.15am only. The Lady Knox Geyser is fenced off for your protection and our staff are well trained on where they can walk and how to trigger the eruption in a safe manner.

Thermal pools can be very hot (over 100⁰C or 210⁰F) or have toxic gases or fumes at the surface. Also, thermal pools can form a thin crust over the top of them that looks like a solid surface, but will break if a person stood on it. Thermal pools can be hidden under vegetation.

For your own safety, please ensure you and your children stick to the walkways, stay behind the barriers, and obey the safety signs. We recommend holding hands with young children when walking through the park.

Being an active geothermal area with uneven terrain, sturdy footwear is recommended. Jandals, sandals, flip-flops or high heeled shoes are not suitable.

Responsibility of customers safety while in our park is one of the most important aspects of the management of Waiotapu. Visitors are required to follow the marked tracks and all children must be accompanied by an adult.

Strollers for young children can also be navigated throughout the park’s main Walk One.

Wet weather requires a rain poncho or umbrella. In the summer months, sunscreen and a hat is advised.

These items and much more are available for purchase in our retail store.

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